AFODD Certified
Certified members of AFODD have been accredited with this logo because they meet the stringent requirements of the Personnel Online Screening Standard. Certified members adhere to ISO27001 and operate in accordance with GDPR. To become a certified member an organisation must be audited and accredited by an AFODD auditor. More information can be found here



AFODD AssociateAssociate Members of AFODD display this logo to show their clients that they only use Certified Members of AFODD. The clients of companies displaying this logo can be assured that services offered by the Associate are legal, ethical and GDPR compliant.





AFODD Accredited

An Accredited Person is an individual that has been trained to the standard required by AFODD. The training is usually carried in conjunction with theemployer (Certified Member). This standard has been defined by AFODD to ensure all Analysts involved in the processing of the online searches are trained to operate in accordance with the requirements of AFODD.